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Mindshark.ca BBB  Rating

So what really is a BBB rating and how does it compare to other ratings or reviews of companies on the internet?

BBB is a global organization that benefits millions of companies and clients looking for reliable and credible / trusted vendors. 

The Better Business Bureau in fact is one of the few organizations that actually verifies all complaints against a company to ensure they are coming from REAL valid clients who have suffered some negative experience with the company they are complaining about.

Why is this important?   It helps you to filter through the noise and the clutter of garbage on the internet.  Unfortunately in today's world it is possible for ANYONE to post ANYTHING about ANY person or company anonymously and publicly .......and here's the clincher .... whether that information is correct or incorrect!!!   As crazy as it sounds , this is the case.   Therefore BBB serves as an UNBIASED source of true information that you can rely to when trying to select a vendor, since they VERIFY the truth.

As an example have a look at the BBB Rating for Mindshark below

In the case above Mindshark has a rating of A which is amongst the highest rating possible.   This means that the company is extremely reliable and trusted.     Further investigation shows the actual details of any 
complaints filed against the company:

As seen above with 0 complaints filed we have a completely clean record which is reflective of our high level of service and customer satisfaction.   In fact we have  been notified of several Positive references which have been submitted to BBB about Mindshark, which are pending being posted on the BBB website.

For details on Mindshark's BBB rating see:  HERE

Where does malicious content come from? 

-competitors of the vendor looking to cause damage
-ex employees who may be disgruntled and looking to cause damage
-mentally disturbed individuals looking to defame persons/companies online as an outlet

As we are in the business of Reputation Management, we often see sad cases where our clients are being defamed and slammed online by malicious competitors who are hiding behind the veil of anonymity which the internet provides today.    These companies come to us to repair their reputation online by helping to promote more true positive aspects of the company and hide the false malicious content.

In more serious cases we also assist clients to connect with special law firms who assist in removal of the negative false information through the use of law suits against the author of the malicious content.  Although this can be a longer and costly process, in many cases our clients have opted to do take this action due to the higher cost of LOST business and reptutation.        


If you are looking to hire a company, and you have come across some negative reviews which you are questioning ,  have a look at their BBB Rating.    If the BBB rating is stellar you can be rest assured that the company is reputable and credible. 

Another example of real positive verified reviews would be testimonials from clients on camera.   Typically a client is not willing to come on camera and put their name and face on the line unless they are extremely pleased with their results.    Examples are HERE

In summary , the combination of Video Testimonials and a stellar BBB rating are a  very solid reflection of the credibility of a company.   

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