Thursday, 30 August 2012

Mindshark Enterprise Service Level offers Enterprise Level Service for companies looking to leverage serious SEO.

A proper part of successful SEO which brings strong ROI, is not only the technical delivery of onsite and offsite optimization, but also the ongoing analysis and enhancement of campaigns to keep things on track.  Here is a short video that outlines our process:

The difference between a campaign with analysis and enhancements vs one without can be so dramatic that it can mean the difference between complete success and failure.    

Here is a simple example to illustrate for a  SAMPLE Client on a $1000 / month SEO program
(*simple numbers used for illustration purposes )

Without Analysis / Enhancement:
 -generates $1500 revenue per month after 12 months of SEO.

With Analysis / Enhancement
  -generates $7500 revenue per month after 12 months of SEO !!

This is a difference of  5 TIMES or 500% !!!  

What are the critical pieces that make this difference?

-detailed reporting of rankings
-detailed traffic analysis
-competitor tracking
-opportunity Keyword assessment
-keyword removal, update, and addition to maximize profit for client
-search volume analysis
-conversion analysis and tracking
-complete quarterly reviews with a qualified Analytics specialist
-consultation with an qualified Campaign Manager
-access to volumes of expert data and resources

At Mindshark we recognize this is such a critical part of a campaign that we ensure that every one of our clients receives these as part of their service from us.  With dedicated account coordinators, and campaign analysts, along with regular reviews we ensure that your campaign is on track and performing.   

One aspect of this is our client portal, which houses all the reports, resources and knowledge / support centre for our cilents.    Below is a small snapshot of the reporting portal / dashboard.   

If you are tired of getting minimal results with SEO,  you need to work with true professionals who understand the process and how to deliver ROI.     Call Mindshark and speak to one of our consultants today for a free analysis.   Call 1 877 674 2751 and get Relevant!    

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