Sunday, 26 August 2012 creates Powerful Results for Clients has seen a wave of incredible results in the wake of the recent PANDA and PENGUIN updates from Google.

As we know Google has been cracking down on SPAM and low quality links.  As well Google is weeding out those low quality sites with Spun content, in favour of original and authentic content from credible sites.  This has been a needed update, cleaning up the SEO landscape and allowing those sites which are truly worthy of traffic to emerge at the top.

Mindshark Marketing clients have benefited from this tremendously due to a few key facts :  1) the links built by Mindshark have always been manually built and from quality sites  and 2) the content created is done so using high quality content writers who research the topics, and follow LSI methodology along with Keyword Silo Architecture.     The simple outcome of this is highly natural and relevant content which is shareable and useful for the readers.

The days of spinning content and using low quality spam links are gone.  Those sites which were employing the shortcut methods are now paying the price while companies which have had quality work done, like the clients of Mindshark, are seeing their website skyrocket to the top positions which have opened up.  An example of what one client experienced can be read here on our facebook page for

 For example let's take a look at an example of a global keyword like "forgings" with 5,100,000+ competitors online fighting for this keyword. 

Above our client lands on page #1 just a few spots below Wikipedia within a few weeks of Penguin.   Within short time we expect many more of their Newly targeted keywords to rise to the top.  And we are not talking about low competition keywords here......these are short tail HIGH competition words.

Below is another example of a competitive local keyword ranking in Google Local Maps in the Top spot on Page #1 and this time in position #1.

There are literally 1000s of examples across hundreds of our clients where we have seem these jumps on relatively NEW keywords which were not even ranking weeks prior.   What does this tell us?

---> There was a lot of low quality SEO and over-optimization done to a lot of sites over the last few years, and unfortunately many of those sites are now paying the price.   Fortunately for clients of Mindshark and other companies who have employed natural and quality white hat SEO methods, they are now reaping the benefits as their keywords move up faster and stay there longer.

"A lot of smaller players in the SEO marketplace have been shaken up by the changes Google has made recently" says  an executive of   "We feel that this was a necessary change to allow for the searching user to be able to quickly access the most high quality sites without having to dig through a sea of low quality over optimized sites.  The current environment opens up an opportunity which is unprecedented.   High quality, well optimized white hat sites can gain a lot of ground while other scramble to fix problems with their sites and SEO." was recently awarded the title of #1 SEO Company in North America by TopReviewsToday, an industry authority on online marketing vendors.    Their evaluation covers over 10 categories and involves in depth assessment of  client success.

To find out how you can benefit from the current changes in Google or have your SEO repaired, call Mindshark for a free assessment.


  1. Great post, i have seen some good increase in our rankings with you guys in the last few months since Penguin hit. I see you guys are on the ball. Great work

  2. This is truly real. We just signed up a few months ago and we have seen our ranking skyrocket!! I guess our link profile was messed up with the prior firm. We were using Wisdek, and then we were about to switch over to another firm from California, but a friend referred Mindshark to us and we tried them out. Glad we did :)